If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud. 
Emile Zola

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully published your book, it’s time to let the world know about it. Book promotion involves sending out media kits and press releases, setting up interviews and signings, getting reviews, and scheduling speaking appearances at establishments interested in your work. Whether traditionally published or self-published, most authors end up  promoting their writing themselves. And if you’re like most writers, you may not have the time to do that kind of work.

That’s where Paula Margulies Communications can help. We are a boutique public relations agency specializing in helping talented authors get premium exposure for their publications. We work with publishers, agents, distributors, booksellers, book reviewers, and media outlets to make sure that your book gets maximum attention and coverage from your target audience. We will consult with you to set up a book tour in cities you choose, garner interest and exposure with specialized media, including key websites and blogsites, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, and help you promote your work and build a name for yourself and your book. 

Our experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm have made Paula Margulies Communications one of the top consulting specialists in the book promotional industry today. If you’re ready to tell the world about your book, please contact us to find out what we can do to help you publicize and sell your work. 

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"When looking for ways to publicize my novel locally, I came across Paula on Twitter. Having a publicist with a strong social media presence was important to me, so I sent her a note. She was immediately responsive and willing to have long conversations as we hatched a plan. Her connections and resources have been invaluable, and it’s been a truly collaborative process, as we work together to find ways to publicize the book that produce results and fit the specific plan for what I’d like to achieve. In just a short time working with Paula, I was featured in the Orange County Register and scheduled to present at a large writers conference, and my novel won an International Book Awards designation. She does what she says she’ll do, she is fair and competent, and she follows up, every time. I can’t speak highly enough about her services."
-Mary Vensel White, author of The Qualities of Wood, HarperCollins Authonomy maryvenselwhite.com

"I met Paula Margulies at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference in July 2009. Paula was presenting a talk on budget marketing, and I had just self-published my first book, Complications: A Doctor's Love Story. Paula believed in me, and in my story. She went on to help me garner speaking engagements in bookstores and libraries - no small feat in the days when self-published books were the red-haired stepchild of the publishing world. Her services were economical, but more importantly, Paula saved me time. Now, two more books later, I have carved out a platform dealing with kidney failure, caregiver issues, and a physician's inside perspective on interacting with the medical world. Paula's enthusiastic support was absolutely critical in getting my projects off the ground."
-Linda Gromko, M.D., author of Complications: A Doctor's Love StoryArranging Your Life: When Dialysis Comes Home, and Let Me Go When the Banter Stops: A Doctor's Fight for the Love of Her Life lindagromkomd.com

"I met Paula several years ago at the Southwest Writers Conference. During her talk, she shared practical ways to publicize books, and I was wowed by her knowledge and expertise. Since that time, Paula has provided great advice on my own book, including why the book’s back cover is as important as its front cover and how to include elements that inspire readers to purchase my book. Thanks, Paula, for all of your great advice!"
-Gail Kushner, author of My Psychic Search: Discovering What Psychics Do, What They Know, and How They Can Help Us Improve Our Lives

"I’ve known Paula for twelve years and have had the pleasure of working with her in multiple writing groups, on both her books and mine. She was a great help in finally bringing my novels, Braver Deeds and Prisoner Moon, to market."
-John Van Roekel, author of Braver Deeds and Prisoner Moon
"Paula's friendly and creative approach to publicity was invaluable when I began the complicated process of publicizing my books. She keeps an eye on the details while looking at the big picture, and was quick to respond to my every question. She's a pleasure to work with, and her meticulous accounting shows where every dollar of the money goes." 
-Anita Sanchez, author of The Invasion of Sandy Bay anitasanchez.webs.com

As an author in the UK, in the fields of YA and chick lit, I am a newbie when it comes to promoting my books. I just want to say how grateful I am to Paula for providing such a useful, compelling blog site. It's given me quite a few ideas for my YA book, To Be Honest.
-Polly Young, author of To Be Honest http://pj-young.com/
"I met Paula near a snow-covered caldera high in the Cascade Mountains.  No, really, we were two of five artists working in cabins at the Caldera Retreat outside of Sisters, Oregon.  After a day of frozen-fingered typing, the writers would gather at Paula’s cabin.  Why Paula’s cabin?  I think we were initially drawn to her warmth and graciousness, but her love of writing kept us coming back.  Since then, we have all remained in touch.  Paula has become one of my trusted readers, offering me valuable insights in the crafting and promotion of my most recent novel, The Anvil of Navarre."
-Craig English, author of The Anvil of Navarre and The Black Swan 

"I hired Paula to promote my second Rolly Waters mystery, Border Field Blues, and boy am I glad I did. Rather than providing a template campaign like so many book publicity services, she worked with me to create a customized plan that fit my budget and schedule. She took the time to read my book and understand the market for it, and was able to get reviews, interviews and in-store book signings that I never would have been able to land on my own. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great person to have on your side in the big, confusing world of book promotion."
-Corey Lynn Fayman, award-winning author of Border Field Blues and Black’s Beach Shuffle www.coreylynnfayman.com

"When my self-published book was taken by a publishing house, I was quick to get help and contacted Paula. She willingly offered her time and advice, quickly outlined the things I should do to promote my book, and made clear what she could do for me. When my book was released, Paula was organized and thorough while contacting those who could write reviews. She was careful not to duplicate the marketing efforts of my publishing house and has kept in close contact with me regarding the status of her work. The result has been some wonderful reviews in popular blogs, and radio and magazine interviews. I truly appreciate her persistence and organization."
-Beth Glosten, M.D., author of The Riding Doctor: A Prescription for Healthy, Balanced, and Beautiful Riding, Now and for Years to Come www.horse andrider.com